3 Navara activists deported from occupied Western Sahara

Equipe Media

29th January 2018

The Secretary Ge

neral of SANA (Western Sahara Solidarity Society in Navara) and two of her companions have been deported to Agadir after they spent 3 days in secret in El Aaiun .

Moroccan Police arrested them in occupied city of El Aaiun Monday 29th January 2018, , and expelled them without any explanation

Maria Perez De Larrya, the secretary general of SANA was accompanied by Iratxo Bakedano and Alberto Jolis, they told Equipe Media they had travelled to Occupied territories to meet Sahrawi activists and to break the media blockade imposed by the Moroccan occupation.

That brings the number of persons who have had been deported from the occupied Western Sahara this month to 5.

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