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Historical participation of Western Sahara in Africa Games

Historical participation of Western Sahara in Africa Games

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20 January 2015

Western Sahara’s Athletes will carry the colors of their republic, SADR, in 11th African Games which is scheduled for September 4–19, 2015 in Brazzaville, Congo.

Sahrawi activists have launched a campaign via social media to inform all athletes, whether in the refugee camps, Diaspora or in the occupied territories.

The activists encourage every Saharaoui who trains in club to introduce himself as well as his level, personal records and performance, to participate in national selections.

The details are important, especially for those who practice individual sports.

Sports have been announced for the 2015 African Games are : Athletics , Badminton ,Basketball, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Boxing , Cycling , Fencing ,Football ,Handball ,Judo ,Traditional ,Karate , bowling ,Rugby ,Swimming ,Tennis ,Table Tennis ,Taekwondo ,Volleyball ,Weightlifting ,Wrestling.

Sahrawi athletes can contact the Media Team for more information.

EM, occupied El Aaiún
January 20 , 2015



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