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9 November 2014

Following a call of the Coordination of Human Rights Associations and Committees and of Akdeim Izik Coordination, the Moroccan occupying authorities prohibited by force, on Saturday night, a demonstration of Saharawi citizens, which the organisers called for solidarity with the Saharawi political prisoners who went on a 72-hour hunger strike to mark the 4th anniversary of the attack on Akdeim Izik camp.
The occupying forces surrounded all streets and alleys leading to Essmara Street, the planned place for the demonstration.
Intelligence officers kidnapped Khaled Erouhi, the cameraman of the Saharawi TV team, whose fate is still unknown.

Below is a provisional list of the wounded:

Dah Mustapha, Zaigham Essaleh, Ali Saadouni, Mohamed Zeghman, Roukaia El Haouassi, Ghali Aima, Raba El Haouassi, Touisa Douih, Maalouma Douih , Fatimatou Barra, Zahra Laghrid, Mbaraka Alina Baali, Laila Lili, Boutngiza Mohamed Salem, Nourdine El Aargoubi, Rguibano Lhouij, Izana Amidan, Mahfouda Lefkir, Dahouar Fatimato and Dahba Sidamou.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014




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