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El Qoteb and El Qairaiun,disappeared.

El Qoteb and El Qairaiun,disappeared.

8 November 2018

Equipe Media
Occupied Western Sahara
More than 26 years after the disappearance of the Sahrawi El Hafed El Qoteb, his family has issued a press release expressing its gratitude and appreciation for the big support received from all free citizens and organizations in the world, defenders of human rights, dignity and freedom.
The family stressed its commitment to clarify the fate of El Hafed and of all the 580 Saharawis abducted by Morocco since its ruthless invasion.
El Hafed El Qoteb was abducted in El Aaiun on November 1992 by the Moroccan occupying forces during a peaceful demonstration. He was wearing a saharawi traditional costume with the colours of the saharawi flag; He repeated slogans denouncing the Moroccan crimes against the Saharawi people and supporting the Polisario Front.
The audacity of El Qoteb didn’t please the occupying authorities who isolated him together with Said El Qairaiun, and tortured them before they were taken to an undisclosed location.



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