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Reactions against the arrest of 2 EM journalists

Reactions against the arrest of 2 EM journalists

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2 October 2016

It passed 37 hours after the two Sahrawi journalists with Equipe Media have been arrested and retained in custody at the police headquarters in Guelmim south of Morocco, We do not have information on what happening with them currently.
Brahim Laajail’s brother who came especially from occupied El Aaiun has received an orally confirming from a judicial police officer his brother is in the police headquarter and that there is an arrest warrant issued by Agadir police against his brother Brahim in the background of his responsible activities of the group of the Saharawi students in Ibnou Zouher university in that city.
At the time we are publishing this newsletter we have no idea about any arrest warrant against Said Amidan.
There are many reactions on the arrest of the journalists in both local and international level even on behalf of fellow journalists or RFK center, Witness organization or European lawyers offering their services.
In Guelmim, Friday 30th September at 20 o’clock more than 60 unemployed Saharawi demonstrated outside the police headquarters to denounce the arbitrary arrest of Said Amidan and Brahim Laajail and demand their immediate release. For an hour they shouted slogans for the Equipe Media’s freedom to express itself and to cover the events taking place in occupied Western Sahara.
Erratum: Contrary to what was wrote in the previous flash, Said Amidan and Brahim Laajail were waiting in the bus station Superatours in occupied El Aaiun, left to Agadir in a car with an acquaintance who offered them in passing.
Equipe Média, El Aaiun,
Occupied Sahara Occidental
October 1st, 2016.
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