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Saharawi stabbed to death by Moroccan settler

Saharawi stabbed to death by Moroccan settler

11 August 2016

A young Sahrawi was murdered Wednesday 10 August when a Moroccan settler stabbed him in the stomach and sprayed acid on his face to burn it.

Mohamed Fadel Ehnan 27 years old is Hmmad Hammad´s nephew, the prominent Sahrawi Human Rights defender. When he was talking to a friend suddenly a Moroccan settler attacked him, and he fell to the ground for more than one hour and then waited more than half an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

Since Akdeim Izik protest October 2010, as a result of a wave of hate crime and racial abuse more than 10 Saharawis were killed by Moroccans in what now appears to be a coordinated series of attacks on Sahrawi people sponsored by Moroccan authorities against what they call "separatists" or the "Enemies of the territorial integrity".

Mohamed Fadel Ehnan was one of the Saharawi sailors in occupied Villa Cisneros, Dakhla, in southern Western Sahara. Mohamed Fadel Ehnan´s family refuses to allow his burial without autopsy.

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Occupied Western Sahara

August 11th 2016



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