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The Sahrawi were not in the parade

The Sahrawi were not in the parade

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9 February 2016

It is with a lot of statement and without objectivity none except our colleagues in the Moroccan press accompanied the visit of the Moroccan king to our homeland Western Sahara from 4th until 8th February 2016. Our colleagues wisely resume the statements of “Map” the official agency belong to Royal Palace.

Yet we have studied the speeches, nothing new is pronounced going towards legalizing the situation, and the Sahrawi were not mistaken when they ignored this coming until contempt.

We surveyed some opinions, some of them reported below.

“I am Saharawi citizen, not a subject of the Moroccan king. If I had time to spare I’d gone to see the huge waste of money. But I have no time to lose. Everything is complicated here, because there‘re garbage remaining days in the street, wild packs of dogs stay around it, so we couldn’t let toddlers outside, And I have 5 . With tap water provided tow hours in the day without a specific time, for meals and laundry I have to stay home all the day said Degja Belahi 56 years old.

Nezha El Khaldi, Sahrawi student said: "This king is taken to the Queen of England, but he has not her class, what he does is to hide the reality of natural resources plundering. He comes here to appear in televisions but it does not change international law. We do not agree exploiting our resources; therefore it is illegal and forbidden for everyone until we will be consulted and say yes. "

Everyone here can buy The Draa, Moroccans wear them during their king’s visits they have instructions for that said Zainabou Aabid a Sahrawi teacher.

Laila Fakhouri, 25 years old pointed out: “"Probably there are Sahrawi in crowds, you know how is the blackmail‘s here, If the poor do not go, they lose the benefit of the national promotion card, then they have nothing to live then the family’s assistance which is often poor than them. "

It is said that Moroccan settlers obligingly dressed Draa and Melfa awaiting their king‘s arrival in the airport asking him for taxi amenities or complain against the governor which would have annoyed the king Mohamed 6 who therefore refused to inaugurate the new name of Smara Avenue.

The unemployed university graduates in Smara and Boujdour have exposed much more crucial

They are demonstrating in the street. And that may be was the reason why the Moroccan king did not go visiting precisely this tow occupied cities.

EM, El Aaiún occupied Western Sahara
9 February 2015



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