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When publishing news disturbs the tea ceremony

When publishing news disturbs the tea ceremony

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31 January 2016

Thursday, 29 January 2016, around 20h at Erraha neighbourhood in the occupied city of El Aaiún, 10 vehicles of the occupation police have invited themselves to drink tea in a Sahrawi home, where three friends were talking.

The justification given by police, was that it wanted to ban a meeting of Saharwi Human Rights activists in this house through the use of force – the house of Equipe Média coordinator, Mohamed Mayara- but also a meeting of the Polisario Front, which it had been informed, according to the moroccan police officer Ait Ali El Baz.

Cette manœuvre ostensible et massive ressemble plutôt à une mesure d’intimidation, qui n’a pourtant pas fonctionné avec la femme du journaliste, sa belle sœur et ses amies qui ont vertement expliqué pendant les trois heures qu’ont durée le siège, ce qu’elles pensaient de ces manières.

This showy and exaggerated maneuver by the moroccan police appeared to be a measure of intimidation, which did not work with the journalist ´s wife, the journalist ´s sister in law and her friends have clearly explained what they thought about this police behaviour, during the three hours siege.

After 5 months the income of Equipe Media coordinator and his wife´s income have been suspended by the occupying authorities, as a means to put pressure and dissuate the activist.

It should be noted that these police movements coincide with the publication of two Equipe Media news a few hours before, one of which about the peaceful fight of the Sahrawi unemployed graduates for their right to work and the other about the promise by OCP to get Sahrawi a job, which was never respected at Phosboukra.



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